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Markup Assist includes:Automatic duplication of imported layers.Import and export of bounding box geometry.Data fields:Automatic date fields. Automatically add time and date in numeric format to CAD drawings.Automatic text fields.Data pointers:Automatic data pointers. These data fields are used to synchronize between drawings and models, ensuring that all drawings reflect any changes in model geometry.Keyboard shortcut:Use the following keyboard shortcuts to work with data fields and data pointers:• D – Double-click any field to open a Properties dialog.• F – Change the data type of any field.• G – Change the size of any field.• S – Lock any field.• T – Transform any field.• U – Unlock any field.• V – Zoom any field.• X – Extend a bounding box.• : – Extend a data pointer.• = – Create a data pointer.• P – Open Properties dialog for a data pointer.• Shift+P – Close Properties dialog for a data pointer.• R – Undo last Change Data command.• U – Undo last Extend command.• Shift+U – Redo last Extend command.AutoCAD 2023 brings “everyday life” into the workplace, giving you more control of how you work and making you more productive. Building on the auto-updating-and-streaming technology of previous releases, AutoCAD 2023 enables you to continue to work as you always have. With new tools, new features, and new ways to work with information, you can develop great-looking designs more quickly and easily.Where AutoCAD 2023 takes you:Start, select, and edit parts and assemblies in Design SpaceImport, arrange, resize, rotate, scale, and mirror parts and assembliesInsert and place parts and assemblies on layouts and drawingsEdit parts and assemblies and move and resize any of themApply and edit AutoCAD settingsWork with colors and style palettesWork with dimensions, properties, and annotationsWork with layers, linetypes, patterns, textures, and objectsImport and export drawings and data into and 2be273e24d


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