4. Levels ( Placement Interviews are given at Registration for those with a prior knowledge)

* Starter: Basic Reading and Writing Hangeul/ Pronunciation Rules/ Accent Reduction 


* Basic I : Basic grammar/ Number System/ Date & Time/ Particles/ Currency/ Frequency

   (Recommended: Basic I + Starter + Conversation I/II)


* Basic II: Conjugation (Present/ Past/ Future)/ Construction of Simple Sentences/ Negation/ Ability


Basic III: Application of simple grammar in everyday life/ Simple Daily Conversational Skills/ Traveling & Living in Korean


* Basic IV: More application of conversational skills/ Modifiers/ Living in Korea/ Situational Dialogues/ Vocabularies


* Intermediate I/ II/ III: Intermediate Colloquial Grammar/ Intensive Sentence Structure/ Nuances/ Intermediate Vocabulary/

  Transition into Literary Stage/ Real Life Korean in Daily Life


* Advanced I/ II/III: Intensive Vocabulary/ Literary Grammar/ Short Stories (Fairy Tales, Poems, Short Stories)/ Op-Ed/

Journalistic Articles (Entertainment/ Celeb Interview/ Social/ History/ Political)/ Real Life Korean Text


* Intensive I/ II: Korean novels (Modern Text)/ Intensive Vocabulary


*TOPIK Exam Preparation Class (Currently Offered as Private sessions)