Korean Culture Fundraising

Korean comfort women.jpg

The Korean Culture centre has held many fundraising events. Its most notable is raising money for the advocacy for the remaining comfort women in Korea, and their legacy. During World War II Korea was under Japanese imperialist rule, and the Japanese army kidnapped many Korean women and forced them to be "comfort women" for the Japanese soldiers. This remains an issue today as it is important to remember the atrocities that occurred during world war II so such atrocities should never happen again.

K-Movie Night : Snowy Road

On August 17, KCC had a screening of the movie Snowy Road as a way to promote advocacy and awareness for Comfort Women. The money raised was sent to the War and Human Rights Museum in Seoul, South Korea in support of their continued work to spread awareness of the history of Comfort Women. 

KCC Fundraiser & End of Year Jazz Party - 2017 & 2018

In 2017 KCC held a fundraiser to help raise funds for Comfort Women in Korea as an end of year special. The money raised ($500) was sent to the War and Human Rights Musem in Seoul, South Korea. In return, everyone who donated money was sent a butterfly pin as a symbol of Comfort Women and as a thank you for their donation. The event also highlighted Korean food as well a the struggles and continued hardship that Comfort Women still face. 

In 2018, KCC repeated the event.