SAT & Korean Language Classes 


Founded in 2005, Promise Academy specializes in college prep courses and other exam preparations. Promise Academy and KCC collaborate to provide the best quality education for Students who wish to learn Korean and prepare for the SAT. Our instructors are from Columbia and NYU,

1. 2019 Session Calendar (*The First session of the year starts February 3rd*)

    Registration Period                                                  Session                                                     Vacation

Summer Intensive SAT 6-Weeks Program Optional Korean Classes Included for High School Students

Feb. 2 ~  May 27                                                     May 27 - July 5                                         See the Calendar        

Feb. 2 ~  July 8                                                        July 8 - Aug 15                                         See the Calendar        

2. Class Timetable (2019 Summer Session)

SAT Summer Schedule.PNG

3. Tuition Fee

37th session price.PNG

* All language Lecture Classes (Non-Conversation Classes) are 1.5 hours (10 weeks)

* Conversation Classes are 1 hour (10 Weeks)


*For students who take two Classes in one session, we offer a 50% discount for the second lecture class.

*Discounted rate for students who sign up for two classes: Conversation classes (Level I ~ VI)  

*Textbooks have to be purchased separately from our office

*Please note the classes must be taken in the same semester


  • Please pay your tuition in cash or by check to our office before the first day of class.  

  • We do not accept credit and debit card payments.

  • Tuition is non-refundable.



For more information, please contact us.

4. Levels ( Placement Interviews are given at Registration for those with a prior knowledge)

* Starter: Basic Reading and Writing Hangeul/ Pronunciation Rules/ Accent Reduction 


* Basic I : Basic grammar/ Number System/ Date & Time/ Particles/ Currency/ Frequency

   (Recommended: Basic I + Starter + Conversation I/II)


* Basic II: Conjugation (Present/ Past/ Future)/ Construction of Simple Sentences/ Negation/ Ability


Basic III: Application of simple grammar in everyday life/ Simple Daily Conversational Skills/ Traveling & Living in Korean


* Basic IV: More application of conversational skills/ Modifiers/ Living in Korea/ Situational Dialogues/ Vocabularies


* Intermediate I/ II/ III: Intermediate Colloquial Grammar/ Intensive Sentence Structure/ Nuances/ Intermediate Vocabulary/

  Transition into Literary Stage/ Real Life Korean in Daily Life


* Advanced I/ II/III: Intensive Vocabulary/ Literary Grammar/ Short Stories (Fairy Tales, Poems, Short Stories)/ Op-Ed/

Journalistic Articles (Entertainment/ Celeb Interview/ Social/ History/ Political)/ Real Life Korean Text


* Intensive I/ II: Korean novels (Modern Text)/ Intensive Vocabulary


*TOPIK Exam Preparation Class (Currently Offered as Private sessions)

5. Textbooks

* Basic I  ~ IV / Intensive Classes Use Korean Made Easy Series (Can be Purchased at our office for a lower price)

*Advanced Course/ Intensive(Level 5,6)/ Conversation Class materials may vary each semester.