"Students learn to speak, read and write Korean in regular lessons on Fridays and Saturdays, then take their growing conversation skills to the on-site Korean Lounge to practice with native speakers."

      -"The best places to take language classes in NYC"

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Welcome to the Korean Culture Center!

The Korean Culture Center (KCC) is a New York City-based non-profit organization that facilitates Korean Language, cultural education and art. Located in Koreatown, KCC is dedicated to promoting the Korean Language and holding space for artists and curators to display their works.


Korean Language

Classes and



Efficiently integrating and separating the 4 basic skills – listening, speaking, reading, writing – the curriculum maximizes learner progress, offering a range of specialized programs to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and goals.





and Tutoring

Partnered with Promise Academy, KCC also offers classes to prepare students to take the SHSAT and SAT. Interested in learning Korean as well? Register for a SHSAT/SAT and Korean Combined Plan!

Learn more about Korean culture and history through film screenings, talks, special guests, and more!

Cultural Education is an essential part of the Korean Culture Center.

We offer weekday & weekend calligraphy, drawing, painting, and music classes.

We also provide Open Gallery Spaces for artists.

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38 West 32nd Street Suite 1212

New York, NY  10001


Tel: 917-453-8334